In August 1975, nestled in a remote Black Hills canyon, an old one-room school house serving as a practice hall witnessed the formation of what was destined to become Ivory.

Originating with a hand-picked collection of the Black Hill’s best musicians, Ivory unwittingly started a legendary concert performance group that attracted the top, talented rockers from Milwaukee to Denver.

For the next 13 years, Ivory’s semi-trucks, big sound, light production, tech crews and environmental stage sets cut a wide swath throughout the central United States sharing concert stages with some of the music industry’s biggest names.

Back on the home-front, nearly every rock and roll venue and college in the eight-state circuit hosted Ivory to packed houses.

As a truly professional full-time touring band, sometimes playing over 200 mostly one-nighter shows a year, quality musicianship constantly filled the changing ranks of the band with the region’s finest musicians.

Ivory’s show was truly a potpourri of the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s.

Each of the original members was a strong lead vocalist allowing the band to create their famous and peerless soaring four and five part vocal harmonies.

With a wealth of original music that included popular hits such as You Are My Baby, Try Me, Comin From the City, Sweet Lady, Hey Girl, Tell Me Why and many others, Ivory always put the fans first and complemented their set lists with legendary rock hits from the country rock of the Eagles; southern rock; heavy metal; and the power of pop rock’s Journey and Boston.