Ivory – Legendary Rock & Roll

Regarded as a true supergroup with a lineup featuring the top performers from many of the Midwest’s best bands, Ivory toured extensively as a full-time entity for over 13 years from 1975 through 1988.  Originating in the mystic Black Hills; recording in Denver, Minneapolis and LA; and touring with a host of well-known national recording artists from the Rockies to the East Coast, Ivory raised the bar for live performance bands with their myriad of technical and stage innovations.  Touring in semi trucks that hauled around their massive sound and light system and renowned jungle stage set, Ivory, together with their professional tech crew, created a legendary sight and sound experience for their record-setting sell-out crowds .

Today’s Ivory, featuring a lineup of all original members, performs a select number of concerts each year to raise money for special events and charitable organizations.